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Drosophila Assay Assistant

A streamlined approach to recording and organizing time-based behavioral research data. Originally designed with Drosophila (fruit fly) analysis in mind, it can be easily adapted to numerous research applications.


Keep all relevant data in one place

Specify genotype, age, sex, and other relevant notes for each test organism. For convenience, genotypes that have been used in previous assays are automatically stored to reduce unnecessary typing.

Four independent timers

Four independent timers allow for collection of four channels of time data within each assay. To make data collection easier, timers can run in either press-and-hold mode or tap-to-start/pause mode and can switch between the two at any time. 

Organize your data:
Export everything with one tap

All data are automatically saved as soon as an assay is completed and is stored in a table, organized by date. They can be exported to a CSV file, which can then be emailed, copied, imported into an Excel/Numbers spreadsheet, etc.

Download Drosophila Assay Assistant for iOS