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Intellego: Master Latin Verbs

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Conjugation Practice

The conjugation practice section works on your ability to quickly identify all six forms of a verb, given its tense, voice, and mood. It is very simple to use. At the top of the screen you will see the word bar. This provides the dictionary entry (principal parts) of the verb that you will need to create its conjugated forms. Below this is the tense/voice/mood bar.

This gives you all the information you need to conjugate the given verb. To do so, simply type the conjugated forms in the respective text boxes. To make things easier, touching the "Next" button on your keyboard automatically moves to the next text box (and then dismisses the keyboard when you’re finished). To help you practice speed in addition to accuracy, a stopwatch times how quickly you can finish the conjugation. Below the stopwatch is a skip button, in case you want to move on to the next word. When you're done with your conjugation, use the "Check Answers" button to review your conjugation.

Intellego will then check your answers; any incorrect answers will be highlighted in red, and will be replaced with the correct response. After reviewing your answers, touch "Next Word" to get a new word.

Conjugation practice also allows you to practice ANY regular verb of your choice. Simply tap the word bar to begin. You will need to enter the four principal parts of the verb. Then, after selecting it's conjugation number (1-4), touch "Practice" to conjugate your verb. It will appear in the word bar at the top of the screen, and once you're finished, Intellego will check your answers as it would for any other verb. A few reminders: firstly, please only enter verbs that have four principal parts. Although some verbs have three, Intellego can't figure out some forms of the verb without that fourth entry. Also, there's no need for macrons when entering your verb (or conjugating it), but you can use them if you wish. Lastly, Intellego will save the last verb you've typed (until you quit to the main menu); to clear it, just tap "Clear".

Infinitive Practice

The Infinitive Practice section works very similarly to Conjugation Practice. The only notable difference is that you are not given a tense/voice/mood in Infinitive Practice, as it is not required.

Irregular Practice

Irregular Practice helps you more easily recognize and translate forms of the irregular verbs "to be" (sum, esse, fui), "to be able" (possum, posse, pouti), "to carry" (fero, ferre, tuli, latus), and "to want" (volo, velle, volui). The word bar is located at the top of the screen, just like in the Conjugation Practice exercise; after you select an irregular verb to practice, it provides a conjugated form for you to translate.

Your score cards are below the word bar; on the left is your current streak (in other words, the number of questions you have answered correctly in a row), and on the right is your high score (your longest streak). Your high score is always saved, even after you quit the game (unless, of course, you decide to Nuke It in the Settings menu).

Below the score cards are four multiple-choice translations of the given word. If you answer correctly, the translation will turn green and your streak will increase by one. If you answer incorrectly, however, your streak will reset to zero (you won't lose your high score though, or any coins earned).

Parsing Practice

Parsing practice helps you improve your ability to accurately identify the person, number, tense, voice, and mood given a conjugated form of a verb. Below the word bar are several options for verb person, number, tense, voice, and mood. Each category has a separate color. When you choose an answer, it will become shaded to indicate your selection. The stopwatch times how quickly you can complete the exercise to help you develop speed and accuracy.

When you're ready, touch "Check Answers" to review your selections. Anything you get correct will be colored in green. Anything incorrect will be marked red, and the correct answer will flash green for a few seconds, then will show a green border. When you're done reviewing your results, touch "Next Word" to continue practicing.


You can practice conjugating ANY regular Latin verb of your choice. Whether it's in Intellego's dictionary or not, the app will still check your answers and give you detailed and accurate feedback.

Achievements: advance in the cursus honorum (Roman political ladder) as you earn denariī.

Intellego's Macr-ON™ feature allows you to choose whether you want your answers to be checked for macrons or not.

LEARN: Visit the Learn section for a very brief introduction to Latin verbs and verb ending charts.

ABOUT: The About section features a complete tutorial for Intellego: Master Latin Verbs, as well as credits and acknowledgements.

SETTINGS: The Settings section contains options to enable or disable any conjugation, tense, voice, or mood, and the switch the Macr-ON™ feature on or off.

Teachers can get a 50% discount off the price of Intellego by using the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Full details are available at: https://volume.itunes.apple.com/store

This app is fully self-contained and does not require an Internet connection after download. There are no ads and no in-app purchases.

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