Erudio: Cambridge Latin Course Flashcard Companion

Presenting Erudio, a simple and intuitive flashcard app designed to help you master the vocabulary of the Cambridge Latin Course.

Thank you for this app! I taught Latin using the CLC for 15 years until I retired, and would have killed for such a wonderful tool! I just have three students, now, but I have reqired all of them to get the app — and use it!
R. Carson (Latin Teacher, Canada)


Erudio's easy-to-use flashcard decks are designed to help you maximize your mastery of Latin vocabulary. Go beyond the Cambridge Latin Course vocabulary checklists and find out how Erudio can make studying Latin so much more enjoyable.

Over 1,200 words

Erudio includes every word from every end-of-stage vocabulary checklist from each of the CLC's four volumes. That's exactly 1,288 words, all offline, and each with a full dictionary entry and translation!

Study principal parts

Improve your command of Latin by studying not only vocabulary translations, but also principal parts. Erudio hides all but the first principal part by default; try to recall the others, then reveal them at the touch of a button.

Test both Latin and English recall

Choose whether the cards start with the English or the Latin side facing up—however you learn best.

Save the hard words to review later

Erudio keeps track of any cards you mark "incorrect", allowing you to review them later (within the same practice session) and ensuring more complete and lasting comprehension.

Erudio for Education

Teachers or educational institutions can get a 50% discount by using the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Visit to learn more.