A stress-free to-do list & planner designed with your time in mind.


Organize your life in the moment

Whenever a to-do comes up during your day, take ten seconds to jot it down in your Leaf. Don't let calendar maintenance waste your time; Leaf helps you condense all non-urgent scheduling into one short activity at the start of every day.

Schedule tasks intelligently

Natural phrases like "next friday from 10 to 12" are automatically understood as times and dates. Give events priorities to receive reminder notifications in advance.

Focus on your goals for today

Try to check off as much as you can today, but don't worry if you can't get to everything. Tasks you don't finish will reappear in your Leaf tomorrow to be rescheduled for a better time. And, today's tasks are a swipe away on your home or lock screen with the Up Next Today widget.

All your tasks in one place

Swipe up or down to focus on a week or a month at a time. Tap the + to schedule a new event from scratch, or swipe events left or right to delete or edit them. Also, unlike real leaves, Leaf works great in dark mode, too!

A blank slate

Some to-dos or ideas aren't suited to one-line reminders. The Notepad is a great place to keep them. At any point, select anything you've written and tap the Import button to add it to your calendar.