Spike's K9 Fund

An app for supporters of working K9s, from Spike's K9 Fund.

Spike’s K9 Fund was founded by James Hatch, a retired Special Operator. James did multiple combat deployments as a handler and a shooter with working Dogs. The first K9 that he handled was “Spike,” the Fund’s namesake. Spike, along with all the other K9s in the logo (represented by red stars), saved the lives of James and his teammates.

After retiring from the service, James oriented his life around the training, care, and preservation of working dogs. Learn more about the Spike’s K9 Fund mission at www.spikesk9fund.org.

Cover photo by Spike’s K9 Fund: K9 Piper


  • Emergency Medical Reference: Access information about common K9 treatment procedures*, written by Spike's K9 Fund.
  • Learn about the Fund's current K9 campaigns and fundraising efforts, and find out how you can contribute or sign up to receive help.
  • View and RSVP to upcoming events with Spike's K9 Fund.

* Note: This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, emergency treatment, or formal first-aid training.

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